who am i?
  • i like to think of myself as an artist
  • i am nonbinary
  • i tend to maintain a distance between myself and those i meet. it feels safer in a way
  • i’ve always been fascinated with the concept of performance and the different ways we perform for various people in our everyday lives.
  • i find value in putting myself into my art.
  • i don’t think all art needs to be serious or high-brow
  • i think that accessibility is paramount when it comes to all forms of art.
  • i love the sensation of seeing, something which i feel is often taken for granted by many.
  • i like birds quite a lot, especially ducks.
words from others
“Your hand smells like pennies” - my love, Thomas

“Chandler, I will see that art in my mind’s eye on my death bed, thank you.” - my dear friend Emily
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