A film made with needles and ink. My first foray into serious experimental filmmaking as part of my Experimental Film course at MSU, lovingly hand-poked on clear and black 16mm leader.

let go

Made as part of my Experimental Film class at MSU. Everyone in the class had the opportunity to shoot some 16mm film on a Bolex camera. While most of the footage turned out great, there was a significant portion of black, unexposed film in the final scan. These portions stood out to me, almost like a blank canvas waiting to be painted on. Digital editing became my brush, and some beautiful imagery arose from the “waste” of film.


‘sir’ was made after discovering more about my gender identity. By turning a “male” gaze towards myself, I explore my relationship with masculinity and how that affects how I am perceived in the world. The voices of my family reflect a struggle with the idea of coming out to those who I love as well as those around me, as I find some sense of safety in my perceived maleness despite the discomfort and internal strife it may cause.

i love you

On October 22, 2020, I received what might be the worst call I could receive from my mother. A tumor was found in my younger brother’s abdomen. As soon as those words were uttered I was frozen. Numb. This film was made as an attempt to reconcile everything that was felt during that call.  The audio is taken from various videos my brothers and I made when we were younger, where it was then heavily distored and filtered.



A film inspired by 70s B-Horror films. My first fiction film effort and I’m quite proud with how it turned out.

Huge thanks to my fantastic crew for helping me make this film a reality, all of the backers on Indiegogo, and the folks at Platinum Tech Repair for letting us shoot during a pandemic.

my diary

An exploration of the diary film, updated whenever I had something on my mind. I talk to the camera about what’s been on my mind, all unscripted, filmed at a moment’s notice. Why read my diary, when you can just watch it?

moments from home

A break from my diary series. I visited home for my younger brothers’ graduation, and during my time I captured whatever I could. These are those captured moments edited together chronologically. Come visit my home with me.


A study of a particular intersection and the lights surrounding it.

An in-camera 16mm film shot with a Bolex. The camera was not moved from its initial position after it was set up, with lens changes, pans, and tilts, being used to get different shots.

Service with a Smile

Service with a Smile is an eight-hour long experimental film/performance art piece in which I created an arbitrary and grueling form of work and filmed a “shift” in its entirety. This film came about as a result of my frustrations with being forced to work to survive in our modern capitalist society.

Watch a short behind-the-scenes interview here.

i heard the geese cry